Change is inevitable, progress is optional

Doug Driscoll is CEO of Starr Partners.  With 30 offices and all around Sydney, Starr Partners is a franchise group well known for their innovation.  We feature Doug as the 5th person in our series of eBook and audio downloads we have produced with Business Depot and called “If I Had My Time Again”.  Make sure you are getting the series – it is FREE.

“If I had my time again….” – Doug Driscoll

Mentor – Jacob Aldridge

  • Recruit and delegate to grow
  • He had a plan and he was willing to take risks
  • Don’t be afraid to be different
  • Not everyone has the capability and ambition to run their own office for the long term. Be honest with yourself

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    Can you please send the link to sign up for the real reach, I didn’t find it

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