Change habits – change outcomes

It’s no good doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. That’s a harsh lesson that Milton Rendell has learnt as he realized they needed to change habits to get different outcomes.

Topic – The best and worst of tough times

Mentor – Milton Rendell

  • Remain accountable
  • Procrastinate less
  • Analyse everything

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If you hit a rough patch, maybe you need a different business coach, mentor or accountant.


Kevin:   And with us once again this morning, Milton Rendell from Real Estate Plus in Western Australia, a particularly tough market. We are talking about the best and worst of tough times. We’ve talked about some of the obstacles that Milton and his team have had to face, some of the hurdles they’ve had to jump over.

Kevin:   Milton, can we talk about if you feel you’ve changed? I know you’re not through it yet but you’re probably through it enough to be able to reflect. Do you feel it’s changed you in any way and if so, how?

Milton Rendell:   Yeah, it would had to have changed me because if I was doing the same things as I was five years ago I would be broke right now because I’d be spending money like a drunken sailor. The first thing is, particularly and I’m pretty tight on my numbers generally but I’ve discovered that I wasn’t tight enough so I’ve had to actually increase the accountability to me, that’s something that I had to do straight away so I’ve actually increased my number of people who keep me accountable and that’s my inner circle and outer circle as well. I felt that was really, really important. That’s probably one of the major changes so in other words I’ve got people kicking me in the arse more often and that’s not a bad thing, that’s not a bad thing at all.

Milton Rendell:   In terms of habits I’ve had to break some of my, all of us procrastinate, I’ve never met a person who doesn’t, I really had to work on that part of it. Like everybody I liked to be liked and I’ve had to really narrow that down and probably, sounds awful but give people shorter times on their opportunities to improve and that’s something I had to change. My habit was to believe in them more than they believed in themselves sort of stuff, guess what, that doesn’t pay the bills so really had to shorten up and increase the accountability to probably where it was before. I’ve had to go back and revisit stuff that I probably did automatically 15, 20 years ago which I’m not doing today.

Kevin:   Just on that point, that’s a valuable lesson, isn’t it? The way we used to do things is something we continue to do but then you’ve got to be, and I think you used the word yesterday, adaptable. You’ve got to adapt to the environment, you’ve got to adapt to what’s, and then you’ve to to change because we can hold onto things and say well this is how we’ve always done it but gee, if we’re always spending the way we were spending two years ago, as you just said you’d be flat broke now.

Milton Rendell:   Absolutely and the amount of medias that we have to use now it’s just incredible.

Kevin:   Yeah but have you cut back on those? Have you been able to rationalise the business?

Milton Rendell:   Yeah, absolutely. We’ve got a very big focus on social media like everybody else has but I’m not focusing on what everyone else is doing, I’m trying to find a better way to do it and I said that to the guys today, I said to me the portals are looking more like the newspapers now because they’re full of bloody adverts about everything else but real estate. I think even social media and Facebook is changing, there’s a lot more other things and there’s a lot of ways to explain that but eventually it all becomes wallpaper.

Kevin:   Just while I’ve got you there and you’re talking about that, you know, there is a better way with social media, there’s a website called Propify, P-R-O-P-I-F-Y.

Milton Rendell:   We’re exploring it just as we speak, we had a marketing meeting this morning.

Kevin:   It’s sensational, let me tell you.

Milton Rendell:   No, it is very good.

Kevin:   Yeah, it’s very, very good. I don’t know if you saw, we did a Facebook live stream on it and that explained what it’s all about so strongly suggest you have a look at that because you do have to change and the changes that are happening in the industry now are really quite dynamic.

Milton Rendell:   Yep, they are and I think there’s new language too and I was talking about that the other day with the staff because I got the guys here are sort of around 30 and what I’m talking about, you go and have a coffee and they have a completely different language for that now, they talk about stuff and where they go. The way they describe a coffee now is an effort in itself but we have to learn to change with that and that’s probably where I’ve had to revisit myself on I have to be, once again, I said adaptable before but I have to be more willing to receive the new information and that’s probably one of the biggest changes. I’m 57 years old, I don’t know everything and mate I could live to 157, I still won’t know everything so I’ve got to be able to change to what’s current and what’s needed from my business and from my staff and myself, more importantly my family.

Kevin:   Going to talk to you again tomorrow in the show, Milton Rendell is our guest. I want to ask you if you had your time again, if you could go back before what you’ve just been through, is there anything you could have done better to prepare for it so hold it for tomorrow mate, I’ll talk to you then.

Milton Rendell:   Cool.


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