Burnout | Who to trust? | My way or the highway


Trust your auctioneer and build a relationship with them is the advice this morning from Andrew Robinson. He suggests you should ask them to be a third party when you need – in vendor meetings, or in buyer meetings.

How is your work/life balance? Feeling a bit run down and burnt out? Hear Ash Marton talk about that today and Andrew Coronis says why he no longer thinks its important for it to be his way or the highway.

Coach – Ash Marton – Stepping up to ownership

  • Balance
  • Avoid burnout
  • Cost to your health

Working Smarter – Andrew Robinson – Crucial steps to getting an auction property sold

  • Who to trust
  • The auctioneer as the ‘third party’
  • Reserve meeting

Friday Comment – “My way or the highway” could be the old way that doesn’t work.  Andrew Coronis talks about how he has changed.

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