‘Big Data’ is yesterday + Be firm but friendly

Today we get some negotiation tips from a master negotiator and Mark Dwyer addresses some self-limiting beliefs.  If you’re only just starting to embrace the idea of big data, hold five. The third wave is Fast Data. Fast Data is more about insights and tools that turn complicated datasets into deliveries that are easily understood by normal human beings and can be quickly used to make good decisions.

My top 3 negotiation tips
Rich Harvey – Buyers Agent of the Year

  • “Getting to YES” will tell you about a win/win

Real estate trends according to Mary Meeker
Kylie Davis  

  • Partner with businesses that can help you understand and show you how to maximise the use of your data.

Friday Feature – If you are serious about becoming an elite performer, Mark Dwyer says you need to make a leap of faith about what is required otherwise you will be held back with self-limiting belief.

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