Believe it and see it

Self-belief is critical in any profession but belief in what you are doing is also important for you to succeed.  If you don’t have the belief you are living a lie.

Topic – get your head right and your career follows

Mentor – Mat Steinwede

See Mat at RESE on 26th and 27th July.

  • Mental movies
  • You can attract anything into your life
  • More joy in the creation than the achievement


Kevin Turner: Our guest this week is Mat Steinwede from McGrath. Mat is gonna be a speaker at the upcoming RESE Conference on the 26th and 27th of July. Make sure you click on the button. All the details are available on all the pages on REM [inaudible 00:00:15] to give you exactly who the speakers are and what’s happening on that day.

Kevin Turner: But, Mat, I want to talk to you today about a book that Wayne Dyer wrote. I’ve heard you talk about this in your podcast and your videos about seeing it when you believe it as opposed to believing it when you see it. There is a huge difference, isn’t there?

Mat Steinwede: Yeah, there is.

Mat Steinwede: When you start to understand about energy and vibration, you’ll see things differently. When you can visualize something in your mind and hold that vision till it feels steady, it’s already 99% vibrationally made. So all that needs to happen now is you need to line up with that vision and allow it to come into your world to manifest.

Mat Steinwede: So seeing it to believe it is … I know now when I can have a mental movie in my mind and hold that movie and have it feel like I can pull it up at any time—it’s not an effort; I can pull it up and it feels real—I know it’s on its way.

Mat Steinwede: So for instance the number-one-in-McGrath thing that I achieved … It took me fifteen years but 15 years of constantly thinking and visualizing and wanting … It’s not … Yeah, sort of obsessing but not obsessing with an anxious energy. More just excited about it.

Mat Steinwede: So if you can learn the art of that, you’ll soon understand that you can attract anything that you want into your life—anything—but you’ve got to learn the formula of it. And it starts with the mental movie picture, the visual that you get in your mind. Once you start to master that, the rest just seems to flow.

Kevin Turner: Okay, so you achieved that. You had that picture in your mind or that movie in your mind. You achieve that. What happens after that, Mat?

Mat Steinwede: Move on.

Kevin Turner: What, do you get another one?

Mat Steinwede: Oh, you mean like when you achieve it? Like, done?

Kevin Turner: Yeah. Yeah, do you make another movie? Do you have another goal?

Mat Steinwede: Yeah, of course. I do it all the time, [inaudible 00:02:29]. And I only ever do one or two of the things that I want. Like whether it’s a nice home or a … Yeah, achieve that. Once you achieve it it’s almost like …

Mat Steinwede: I heard once on a CD that with the law of attraction there’s actually more joy in the creation of it than the achievement. And when people win an Oscar, yes, it’s cool, but it’s so short-lasting. So when they win something great or they achieve what they want … and they might spent years of their life being excited and salivating over it … and just the process of creating it, there’s actually more joy in that. And that’s what I liked now. So when I’m on that path … I used to get really, like, almost urgent about … like, “Oh, I just want to achieve this thing,” or, “I want to achieve it.” Now I actually feel the excitement of creating it. It’s like a potter when they’re making a bowl. It’s like putting your hands in the clay and making the shape and getting creative around how it’s gonna look and tweaking it. That’s the fun part. When it’s done and you put it in the kiln and you’ve glazed it and it’s finished and you put it on the shelf, like, “What now?”

Kevin Turner: Yeah, “What now?” But that-

Mat Steinwede: Yeah, “What now?”

Mat Steinwede: And once you understand that there’s more fun in the creation of it you’ll never get off that cycle of excitement. “What next? What next? What next? What next? What next?”

Kevin Turner: Yeah, that’s the difference between the journey and the destination, isn’t it?

Mat Steinwede: Yeah, totally.

Kevin Turner: Enjoy the journey. Yeah, I’m enjoying this journey with you.

Kevin Turner: Mat Steinwede is our guest and we’ll talk …

Kevin Turner: We’ve got another subject for you tomorrow morning, Mat. I’ll be interested to get your reaction on that.

Kevin Turner: Mat Steinwede joins us again tomorrow morning.

Kevin Turner: Thanks, mate. Talk to you then.

Mat Steinwede: Thanks, mate.

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