Be patient in the conversation | Good systems for good people | Social Proof


When someone gives an option with which you disagree and you want to explore your differences, voice your disagreement after asking about the person’s reason for feeling the way they do – that is according to Allan Pease.

Most people feel at ease if they know others have already done what they intend to do. That is the next principal of influence that we talk about this morning along with systems and clarity around those systems and their importance in recruiting.

Coach – Allan Pease – Conversation killers

  • Disagreeing before asking questions
  • Wait to voice your opinion
  • Find out why they feel that way

Working Smarter – Maya Saric – Selecting viable salespeople

  • Systems good people need
  • Clarity around how to do it
  • Have them develop their own scripts

Skill – If you want someone to do something for you, be sure to let them see that other people are already doing it or are willing to do it.

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