Be better today than yesterday | Overcome overwhelm | Small steps

There’s a lot going on. But it’s essential to cut a path through all the stuff and focus on the essentials. Ray Wood deals with overwhelm – the fifth big dream destroyer.

Daniel Hayes tells us about the test you can take to determine if you can make the sales to management journey and we get a motivational boost from Peter Hawtin to end the week.

Don’t be the best person on the team

Coach – Ray Wood – Beating the deadly dream destroyers

  • Overwhelm
  • Prioritize
  • Blue dollar actions

Working Smarter – Daniel Hayes – Why so many agents fail when they move from sales

  • Why many sales people struggle in this area and cannot transition
  • The test
  • If you are the best person on the team – you have a big problem

Friday Comment – Small steps not giant leaps. Try it – you will get there faster. Hear what Peter Hawtin says.

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