Avoid the ‘tennis match’

The pre-campaign meeting is the most important meeting an agent will have with a vendor in any campaign

Topic – How to increase sales + decrease DOM

Mentor – Jess Densley

  • Set clear objectives
  • Based on solid reporting of facts
  • Set the platform for price realignment

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Kevin:   As you’re hearing this week, the sessions that I’m doing with Jess Densley from Discipline Group Australia, about his e-book “Sales Activation” where you can increase your sales and decrease your days on market. 31-page free download. It’s available for you right now. But we’re stepping you through the process of, the sales process in dealing with the seller.

Kevin:   We’re going to go now into another section of the book, Jess, that you call “Avoid Tennis Match.” What do you mean by that?

Jess:   Well, what I mean, Kevin, is the typical tennis match conversation that we get into with our vendors. And I was lucky enough to go to the Australian Open Final this year, and watch the great Roger Federer win the Grand Slam. And to me, I talked to agents about that, that we get into a vendor meeting, and this one’s prior to the online launch, essentially. But we get into those conversations where it’s just back and forward. You say this; they say that. And it really goes nowhere. So inside this meeting, we provide people with a framework and what they should be going through in this meeting, prior to their online launch, to make sure, Kevin, that they can have their clients positioned to get high amounts of enquiry from day one in the campaign.

Kevin:   Okay, so this meeting is critical in terms of getting the eventual sale together because you’re going to be positioning your seller to sell. Take me through, what are the objectives of this meeting, and how do we structure it?

Jess:   Yep, okay. Perfect, mate. So what we do is, as we spoke about yesterday and the day before, we’ve gone through, we’ve talked about the five-day VIP period. And on the back of that, we’ve then been able to build a pre-campaign vendor report that we have delivered to our client the day prior to this meeting. That’s been one of the important things to remember, the day prior.

Jess:   So inside, Kevin, we talk about, firstly, we’re gonna give them a summary. So number one, summary of what’s happened in that five-day VIP period. And that’s going to then contain some facts that we’ve gathered inside that period. That’s some facts from the buyers.

Jess:    Then the third thing which we do is we … great opportunity, Kevin, to reinforce the marketing and get an upgrade to our marketing prior to that launch, and then we also again allows you to touch on that days on market process. And one of the things I talk about a lot with agents is make sure our client knows what’ll happen if our properties stay on the market for longer than 30 days and how enquiry levels will fall away. So we reconfirm that in this meeting, that we’re about to go live to the market, and the importance of the days-on-market in the process.

Kevin:   It’s fairly critical, isn’t it, to make sure that the report you deliver is full of fact which is the basis of what you’re talking about, and that then avoids … I mean, you’re really the messenger. You’re saying, “Well, here’s the message we’ve had so far,” and that stops that backwards and forward discussion because it’s all factually based.

Jess:   Absolutely. And as I mentioned, Kevin, what we’re going through here prior to this online launch and these four core activities. It’s a conversation that agents are generally having five, six, seven weeks into the campaign. We’re doing this inside the first week, inside this process that we take people through. And I believe you owe it to your clients to do this, to make sure we take them through these phases and we don’t allow that two or three-week period where we’re testing the market, and mystery inside this process, and some of our clients having some amazing success of just taking their vendors through this and slowing the process down inside that first week.

Kevin:   What’s the objective? Should there be an objective to this? Are you looking at a final outcome, and if so, what is it?

Jess:   Well, ultimately Kevin, it’s about getting that alignment of price, that alignment of price prior to the online launch. Clearly, that’s where we want to head, and you know, most vendors, if they’re given the right, Kevin, they want to get out there and test the market and see what price they can get. And that’s what we should be taking our clients through. My belief is that we take ’em through that process of testing the market inside this first week, and we don’t allow them to waste days or marketing dollars and do two or three weeks of test the market, and then we come back and make that adjustment.

Jess:   Talk about, Kevin, McDonald’s. You know, McDonald’s don’t go out and launch any product, and then let it go for two weeks and then come back and upgrade and then give it a real crack on the marketplace. They do it from day one. So we allow our clients to have this seven-day phase, and then we allow ’em to hit the ground running from day one with that hopefully one to two price alignments they might have already got prior to having launch.

Kevin:   Yeah, wonderful stuff. That’s the vendor meeting, how critical it is. But you’ll see a lot more detail inside this free download, 31-page “Sales Activation” e-book, with the compliments of Jess Densley from Discipline Group. It’s available as a free download exclusively here at Real Estate Uncut.

Kevin:   Thank you very much. We’ll go into the Main Event tomorrow, the last two days of our discussion with you, and we’ll look at a couple of key points in the Main Event, as we help you increase your sales. Jess, thanks very much for your time.

Jess:   Thanks, Kevin. Appreciate it again.

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