A different perspective + Don’t get between James Tostevin and his prospecting


Great agents do basic things very well. We talk to a great agent about that today.

Do you think you will ever become so well known that you will never have to prospect again? Forget it. Martin Hood today will talk about missed opportunities and Tara Bradbury takes another look at how you can make 2016 outstanding.

Coach – Martin Hood – Standing out in a crowded market

  • Opportunity vs dollars
  • Work hard and chase opportunities
  • The money will follow

Working Smarter – Tara Bradbury – Are you one of the 70% of agents not happy with your 2015 results?

  • Set KPI’s and have strict deadlines with an accountability plan in place

Friday Comment – Nothing gets in the way of prospecting time for James Tostevin as you will hear this morning.

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