VIDEO – Put Your Print Marketing on Steroids – Michael Krisa

Michael Krisa is Executive Editor of

In today’s technological age where there is all this talk about Artificial Intelligence, chatbots and iBuyers, is print marketing really dead?  Absolutely NOT! It’s alive and well, provided you understand exactly how to use it to build rapport and  to stay top of mind with your clients.  Based upon years of research from top-performing agents, Michael Krisa shares exactly what will work to put your print marketing on steroids in 2019.

  • Which print marketing strategies work in today’s digital age as well as which practices to avoid.
  • How and why you must carefully target where you spend your print marketing dollars.
  • Why it’s more effective to mail to 100 people that you know five times versus mailing one time to 500 strangers.
  • Strategies for converting print marketing into buyer and listing leads.
  • Common pitfalls including how to avoid them.
  • How to get your vendors (outside of title and mortgage such as termite inspectors, contractors, decorating services, etc.) to share in your print marketing costs.

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