The problem with getting bigger + Ideas to promote yourself

We’ve been telling you all week about how to start and populate a  blog but without people looking at it, it’s not going to be very successful for you so today Karen Hutton talks about getting people to see your blog. The unfortunate thing about growing business is that you’ll get big and with that comes a loss of control. That’s what we discuss today with Shannon Davis and we hear from a top agent in his group about how he stays on top.

Blogging success – Setting up and running your blog

Karen Hutton

  • How to get ‘eyeballs’
  • Use of links
  • Ideas on how to promote your blog

Starting a rent Roll

Shannon Davis

  • Quality control
  • The bigger you get the more control you lose
  • What systems help and when to start them

Skill – Mobile Mentor Will Hampson asks Adrian Venturi what he does to stay on top of the pack in the C21 network.

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