You choose + Do third party sites get the ‘best’agents?


Today you will hear the first response from Open Agent to the questions being asked by the industry about third party sites and their entitlement to referrals. You will get challenged again by Peter Thurin and we find out what motivates Tim Foote.

Coach – Peter Thurin – Blackbelt in real estate

  • Easy to do – easy not to do

Working Smarter – Tim Foote – On the Grill

  • Who motivates you and why?

Skill – We get the first response from Open Agent CEO, Marta Higuera, to the questions raised about their entitlement to a referral fee when they have no qualifications and their claim to help sellers get the ‘best’ agent.

  • Gerard
    Posted at 07:23h, 17 March Reply

    Kevin, your interview with the open agent founder was soooo biased and self serving. I usually respect your work, but that was poor journalism.
    The agents you speak to and represent are obviously just rattled by the advancements of technology and the way it is changing the game. All industries elvove over time, real estate and the way it bought/sold are not immune to evolution as the world becomes more sophisticated and advanced. Appears very much a case of backwards thinking and sour grapes with some real estate agents so cut with having to give up any part of their commission and losing power.

    • Kevin Turner
      Posted at 07:38h, 17 March Reply

      Hi Gerard. I respect your comment and take it on the chin. Yes I am passionate about some issues and like you have the right to express it. I tried to balance the argument by having them on in the first place but when they try to justify false and misleading information, I find it hard to endorse that type of behaviour. Thank you for your comment and I am pleased to publish it in the interest of balance. Kevin

    • Mark Dwyer
      Posted at 16:36h, 17 March Reply


      I suggest you listen carefully to the interview again. Open agent are making wild and unsubstantiated assertions about the industry, the licensed agents within it and their professional capacity on the pretence of validated recommendations. All of which, through my research is a compete nonsense.

      The real issue from a consumers perspective is value. Open Agent offers nothing save a hijacked CRM that is consorting to clip a the agents under the guise of a ‘free service’ It is not free at all. And these referrers are not offering any value at all.

      If that is biased then so be it. I am incredulous as to how you could possibly view the protection of consumers and their right to accurate information as ‘self-serving’. As for the preservation of an industry this is a natural desire that one would fight for passionately.

      And as for the red herring you offer of technology? Well that is laughable. where is the technological breakthrough? It leans more toward the makings of a commercial scam!

      There is no fancy algorithm, complex calculation or any other quality control test for the ‘highly recommended agent’ other than the willingness to sign the draconian terms and conditions of what constitutes a conjunctional agent with an unlicensed entity. and a very one sided agreement at that.

      Yep I am biased. I hope Kevin is as well. in fact it is my hope that real estate agents everywhere wake up to the fact that the industry is under attack not by an entity hoping to better serve consumers but merely to serve their own self interest (or had you already mentioned this?

      Disintermediate Third Party Referrers!

      Mark Dwyer

  • Jim Langford
    Posted at 12:26h, 17 March Reply

    So glad you are interviewing these “find an agent / Rate my agent” type sites…. In my opinion they appear to be openly and knowingly publish so called ratings based on the agents sale numbers, that I have found to be unaudited, unconfirmed and usually inaccurate.

    There are no ratings on any other agency criteria eg: true owners feedback, time on market, length of time or experience in a market place, auction clearnace rate etc etc….

    Then they ask you for a subscriber or referral fee, literally like some sort of ransom….. Along the lines of “subscribe with us or we will downgrade you”…. Whats more when you ask them unsubscribe you or take your details off their sites…. they refuse.

    These operations are truly digital scammers of the industry often putting the fear of god into unsuspecting and gullible public….Probably one step from the “Nigerian, you have won the lottery scams” Jim L

    • Kevin Turner
      Posted at 13:10h, 17 March Reply

      Thanks Jim. I am concerned that they appear to be getting away with making claims that, if made by an agent, would see the agent getting prosecuted.

  • Lyndon
    Posted at 13:21h, 17 March Reply

    The ‘best’ agents don’t need this rubbish – they’re generating their own business by acting honestly and with integrity.

    With all the consumers laws agents have to abide by it amazes me that this is legal.

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