VIDEO – Winning the iBuyer Game on Listing Appointments – Byron Short

Byron Short is the broker-owner of Success Property Brokers in Scottsdale (Phoenix), Arizona.

Traditional agents throughout the Phoenix-Scottsdale area are facing what is probably the largest  iBuyer market in the U.S., with Open Door, Zillow, and Offerpad all operating in this market. Rather than viewing these companies as a threat to your business, Byron has worked out a strategy that makes working with iBuyers an asset rather than a threat to your business, especially when the buyer needs to sell quickly. Here’s what he will be covering:

  1. What is an iBuyer and how the iBuyer model works.
  2. Who really wins in the iBuyer model (it’s not the consumer!)
  3. Which companies are active in this space right now?
  4. Understanding the true cost for the consumer—the sellers may believe they’re saving the commission, but what about all those marketing, inspection, and repair fees?
  5. A step-by-step approach to win using the iBuyer model.


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