VIDEO – What it’s like at a Google Hackathon – Patrick Shallvey

Google’s Cloud Platform team hosted a 3-day Hackathon at Sydney’s head office. We’re here with CoreLogic’s Patrick Shallvey, a project manager PMO to discuss what they learned there. CoreLogic was also joined by two of their key banking partners, National Australia Bank, and Westpac.

The Hackathon tackled some of the big issues that the property data, mortgage origination, and valuation industries were experiencing. Experts, including data scientists, developers, cloud solution, engineers, and product experts, gave attendees tips on how the valuer community can be more efficient, better address matching, and clearer business intelligence reporting.

Aside from the learnings they got from the Hackathon, Patrick also praised the collaboration efforts of their team. They had people coming in from Adelaide and Sydney who have never worked before and employees with drastically different skill sets coming together. The team also appreciated that the Hackathon was focused on real-world problems–actual problems that they were experiencing from day-to-day–so the learnings they would take home to their peers would be very valuable.

The teams operated in a purpose built Google Cloud Platform environment and were allowed access to an entire suite of Google’s products, namely, BigQuery, AutoML, Mapping, and more. Across the three day marathon, CoreLogic’s team was able to produce working prototypes that were presented to a judging panel.

“Google’s Hackathon showed us what true technology agility can achieve. [Thanks to the learnings we obtained,] CoreLogic’s partnership with Google will undoubtedly pay dividends when it comes to location-based services, mobility, service availability, and scalability,” Rob Jenkins of Westpac said. “Our customers expect us to anticipate their needs and provide great service.”

Inspired by all the possibilities and opportunities they gleaned from the event, the team said that the Hackathon raised the bar on what they should expect from their technology partners.


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