VIDEO – The future of mobile and AI in real estate – Dan Siegler

The future of mobile and AI in real estate – Dan Siegler

Dan Siegler is the Head of Industry, Automotive, and Real Estate at Google. In this video, he shares how you can adapt your business and meet consumer expectations when it comes to using mobile. He also discusses how artificial intelligence can help you improve your consumer experience.


Raise your voices

Last year, Google did a study on the real estate industry that analyzed where and what buyers were searching with the search engine. 72% of home buyers use a mobile device before and during buying and home-related searches doubled over the past two years. This growth, Dan Siegler says, was driven mostly by the power of voice—voice searches, to be exact.

People have adapted to using voice search programs like Google Now, Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa so quickly, it was second only to the speed we have adapted to the smartphone. Since typing is harder on a phone than it is on a desktop computer, Google expects the usage of voice search programs to increase.


The mobile disruption

We see the mobile-first movement everywhere. Even traditionally conservative industries that people never thought would be disrupted by mobile a few years ago, were and are changing rapidly as well. Who would have thought that 50% of people would be banking through their phones, or that 60% per cent of job searches would be happening on phones?

As for real estate, the industry is becoming more and more aware of the possibilities of mobile and how to serve their customers better on mobile. Although, Dan Siegler notes that collectively, the industry can stand to move with a little more urgency. There is some risk in being reactive and only looking at what competitors or peers within the industry are doing. Brands and companies should try to be more proactive and think about how they can improve their customers’ experience.


Augmented Reality

Dan mentioned another trend that is predicted to make waves in tech as well. Augmented Reality. Major companies like L’Oreal and Mercedes-Benz have already started investing in programs or apps that allow consumers to virtually see what a shade of make-up will look like on their face before actually buying it and experimenting with user manual overlays for cars.

Stay tuned for more developments in tech in future episodes of TechTalk.

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