VIDEO – Go Relational, Not Transactional – Matt Johnson and Greg McDaniel

Matt Johnson and Greg McDaniel are the founders and co-hosts of the Real Estate Uncensored weekly podcast (available on iTunes and Android and at

Today, when the trend seems to be going completely digital, relational marketing is more important than ever for your success in 2019. To implement a more relational approach in your business in 2019, this session provides proven strategies that really do work. Here’s what Greg and Matt will be covering:

  • In a time where everything seems to work for someone, how do you hone-in on what will work best for you?
  • Keep It Simple Stupid—words to live by and why it always pay to start with the simple things first.
  • How to stand out from the noise of life—be famous to 50 people, not 500.
  • Rather than being transactional based, which is about you and your business rather than about the other person, use the social media to build connection.


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