Tech predictions from Simon Baker

This week we are introducing a new show to the Realty Media Group family.   Real Estate Renovators look at renovating real estate businesses, not properties.   The show is the brainchild of 3 leading businesspeople from legal, recruitment, and prop tech, who is producing the self-funded series devoted to helping anyone in the industry to renovate/improve their business. It is hosted by Chanell McAsey, Rex Afasiabi, and Bill Nikoluzakis. 

The episode we tell you about today and share this week (details below), is the first in their second series as Bill Nikoluzakis sits down with Simon Baker.   Simon Baker nowadays wears many hats, one being as Chairman of Proptech Group.   But it is his experience while at REA that becomes the most revealing in his interview with Bill.   See Bill’s interview with Simon Baker.  In the coming weeks, we will make available all the episodes from Series 1 and the new Series 2 episodes as they become available.  Watch today as Kevin talks to Bill about his takeaways from the interview he did with Simon Baker.

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