Measuring advertising effectiveness | Social and your brand | Focus on the person not the property


Today with Darren Saunderson there’s a great lesson for us that will help secure more listings by understanding that  you need to focus on the person and not the property.

Today we look at the growing importance of social to brand with David Hickey.

Coach – Darren Saunderson – List and last

    •    Pre call & Pre list

    •    Focus on learning about the prospect and their situation not the property

    •    Their why & what is motivating them to sell

    •    Any allegiances with other agents

    •    Prospects are not interested in what you do, they are interested in what you can do for them

    •    Avoid sending info that just talks about you and the company

Working Smarter – David Hickey – Build a business on social

    •    The growing importance of social to brand reputation and customer engagement

Property Management – If you knew what type of advertising works for you – you would be worth a fortune.  Chris Rolls gives us a tip today about how to measure the effectiveness of your marketing.  That will help!

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