Bring offline and online inline + The golden rule

You should look at your online activity as a means to get face to face.  Adrian D’Amico explains how to make the conversion and Salesperson of the year, Mark McGill, tells us about his ‘golden rule’.

How to cut through social media noise

Adrian D’Amico

  • Use offline strategies to promote your online
  • How to get face to face with your online customers
  • When are you at your most effective?

Keys to Success

Mark McGill – REIQ Salesperson of the year – 2016

  • Serve your clients as you would have them serve you
  • When you follow the golden rule, you open the door to success
  • Meet their needs as you would have them meet your needs

Skill – Looking to increase the amount of repeat referral business you generate?  Have a listen to what Brett Hunter suggests.


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