Presenting low offers | Great service is a mindset | Manage the event


Top performers know that each new contact taken care of well is worth another 10 referrals with no extra work. They have a constant flow of referrals.

Mat Steinwede says “If mistakes happen they fix them fast and never blame others, they just fix it, own it and move on”.

Coach – Mat Steinwede20 ways to become a high performer

  • Provide better service over a longer period
  • Great service is just as much a mindset as it is an action
  • High performers impress future clients with pro-active follow up

Working Smarter – Will Hampson – Awesome Auctions

  • Auction Day
  • What is everyone’s roll
  • Working the crowd
  • Managing the event

Friday Comment – We role play with John Paranchi how he presents a low offer.

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