Positioning | The ideal purchaser | Get the right numbers first


If you have been struggling with writing copy for your advertisements that get the phones ringing and attracts the right buyer then you’ll love the information we have for you today from Peter Hutton and Ian Grace.

Caroline Bolderston sets you on the right path this week if you’re focused on setting up and working an effective farm area.

Coach – Caroline Bolderston – Working a farm area

  • Get the expectations right
  • Where to get the numbers and which ones to get
  • Why the numbers are important

Working Smarter – Ian Grace – Powerful advertising tips

  • Work out who the ideal purchaser would be
  • Talk to them like you would talk to an overseas friend
  • Entice them to buy the property sight unseen

Marketing Monday – It might be about position, position, position but Peter Hutton says it is about ‘positioning’.

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