How to stand out | Opportunities are everywhere | Patience in negotiation


Having a long career in sales, Leigh Brown has sold real estate for the past 14 years, and sells an average of 300 homes per year. She is our Mentor this week and Tara Bradbury is our other regular this week with a very timely reminder to do with conferences.

Sherrie Storer is with us as well and the last word comes from Mark McLeod.

Coach – Leigh Brown – Strive to be different

  • We all do the same things
  • Do yours better or differently
  • What do you offer to the transaction?

Working Smarter – Tara Bradbury – The conference season has hit

  • Connect with other attendees
  • Look for opportunities
  • Build relationships

Marketing Monday – Sherrie Storor says that patience is a virtue, especially when you are negotiating.

Last Word : Mark McLeod on greed

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