Self-belief is critical

Putting your name above the door of a new business takes courage and tremendous self-belief. But when you do it on a business that is breaking new ground – well that requires nerve, mettle, resolution and just plain guts.   That is exactly what Leah Jay did in 1994 when she began as a sole trader in Newcastle. Cassandra Lantry is a Director and Operations … Continue reading Self-belief is critical

Behaviours of successful leaders

In our final day with Bruce Cotterill, we will tackle the third and final ‘C’ word – consistency – and the good and/or damaging impact it can have on a business as Bruce will demonstrate this morning. Get Bruce’s book – Continue reading Behaviours of successful leaders

The ‘C’ word

Bruce Cotterill, author of the book “The Best Leaders Don’t Shout” is our guest this week.  The book’s title hints at today’s topic and that is communication – the second ‘C’ word that Bruce discusses in the book. Get Bruce’s book – Continue reading The ‘C’ word

10 reasons organizations fail

Today, Bruce and Kevin will visit the 10 reasons why organisations fail as a postscript to yesterday’s show when they talked about ‘clarity’. Get Bruce’s book – Continue reading 10 reasons organizations fail

More than just a property manager

Leanne Jopson is National Director for Property Management at Metropole Melbourne.  In this chat Kevin Turner wants to find out more from Leanne about how she sees her role as more than just a property manager managing a property on behalf of an owner.  Also how it can – and should be – about helping an investor use the property as a springboard to developing … Continue reading More than just a property manager