Break down buyer barriers + PA’s crave accountability


As your business grows the need will emerge for you to get some help. That may come in the form of a PA. You will find that you need a whole new skillset when you employ someone in that role. Craig Hadfield has some great advice about getting the most from a PA.

Coach – Craig Hadfield – Going to the next level is all about mindset

  • PA’s and KPI’s
  • Delegate but don’t abdicate
  • Make them autonomous but also accountable

Working Smarter – Andrew Potts – Working on your buyer skills – 

  • Respect them
  • Breaking down the barriers
  • Getting buyers to inspections

Friday Comment – Why is that you can have 2 agents sitting side by side, getting the same opportunities out of the same number of hours yet one earns heaps more than the other?

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