Brand reputation | POD vs POP | Marketing should not be bragging


What is your point of difference? There is a difference between a point of difference and doing the same as everyone else. Hear what Darren Saunderson says about that today. David Hickey returns today also with more on brand reputation and customer engagement.

Coach – Darren Saunderson – List and last

    •    Differentiate

    •    Pod vs pop

    •    Draw examples

    •    Video testimonials highlighting your pods & or overcoming any concerns competition could raise

    •    Have clear, simple points i.e. Auction/ OFI Strategy / Price Maximisation Strategy

Working Smarter – David Hickey – Build a business on social

    •    Growing importance of social to brand reputation and customer engagement

Friday Comment – Here is how to get people to buy into what you are selling – YOU.  We tell you how to set the expectations.  Marketing is not bragging, so how do you build buzz without over promising?

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