Become a legend in your own lunchbox + Leverage off your failures

Adrian D’Amico sets out a formula to become a legend which he says you need to do to stand out in a social media world.   You can do it by targeting your audience.  He explains. Mark McGill says you should rehearse your success just like the pros do.  Run it through in your mind and picture it.

How to cut through social media noise

Adrian D’Amico

  • Target your audience with social media
  • Set a budget and target market
  • How to provide value and become a legend

Keys to Success

Mark McGill – REIQ Salesperson of the year – 2016

  • Rehearse your success
  • Practice like a pro
  • Learn from your failures

Friday FeatureDane Atherton talks about how easy it is to be world class.  It sounds huge but break it down.

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