What’s the future? | The cost of direct mail | Leadership questions

To be a good leader you don’t need to know all the answers but to lead people and inspire them you do need to know the questions to ask.

Michael Sheargold helps us look at the future in a different way and we look at the true cost of running a direct mail campaign.

Coach – Michael Sheargold – Coach for performance

  • Creating a possible future
  • The ‘second future’
  • Why most run with ‘probable’ future

Working Smarter – Carl Quested – List and sell more with direct mail

  • Getting it out
  • Every detail impacts results
  • Understanding the true cost of in house mailing (non-dollar productive for agents)
  • Timing/relevancy of content

Skill – Coaches encourage their clients to find their own solutions by asking coaching questions. Mindset is the big one and Mark Creedon talks about that today.

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