What signal do you give out? + A tool to help you gather info

Should your success at social media be about the size of your list or the quality of the contact you have with those on your list?  Adrian D’Amico agrees that it is a fine balance but will encourage you to continually grow your list and explains how to do it.   Mark McGill believes self belief plays a big part in his success but there is a difference between confidence and cockiness.

How to cut through social media noise

Adrian D’Amico

  • How to build a list
  • Data is king but it is hard to come by
  • Use tools that help you gather information – we tell you about one!

Keys to Success

Mark McGill – REIQ Salesperson of the year – 2016

  • Confidence is the companion of success
  • If you don’t believe in your abilities, don’t be surprised if no one else does either
  • People will pick up on your signals

Skill – How has Vivien Yap established herself as the No 1 female attraction agent in Australia.  Quite often she is the only agent called in.

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