Empowering questions | Get accountability into the business | DM do’s and dont’s

Today Carl Quested tells us the do’s and dont’s of direct mail while Michael Sheargold explains the importance of accountability if you want to get commitment from your team. We also look at the real reason for procrastination.

Coach – Michael Sheargold – Coach for performance

  • Accountability key
  • You can’t hold someone accountable to something they are not committed to
  • Sell don’t tell

Working Smarter – Carl Quested – List and sell more with direct mail

  • Do’s and don’ts with direct mail
  • Don’t expect instant results, it is a long term strategy
  • Do spend money on working with experts
  • Don’t simply offer a free appraisal – bring more to the table
  • Always follow up – you are leaving money on the table if you do not follow up your mail campaigns

Skill – Mark Creedon explains why we procrastinate and how we can get better at dealing with the obstacles that cause procrastination.

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