Don’t take it personally + Develop winning habits


We tell you how to set the stage that ensures you are fully prepared for ‘listing battle’. How to set up for an uncontested listing presentation, the critical advantage. With a potential client already receptive to your product with good preparation you’ll have that WOW Factor that you’ve probably been looking for.

Also this week we talk to Sherrie Storor about what it takes to be a top negotiator.

Coach – Mark Dwyer – Achieving peak performance

  • Preparation
  • Pre-listing Perfection
  • An Immediate Listing Advantage

Working Smarter – Sherrie Storor – Negotiation

  • Don’t take the hit personally
  • Remove yourself emotionally
  • As long as the sellers see you working hard

Marketing Monday – Darren Saunderson says there are 2 areas to concentrate on if you want to develop winning habits. He also challenges how you start your day.

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