Professional standards need to be lifted nationally – John Cunningham

We received such a strong response to our blog last week about professionalism and that was followed by an interview we conducted this week with John Cunningham – Chair of the Professionalism Committee for the REIA.

In this interview, John lays out the plans for a national movement (supported by all the state Institutes) that will set a benchmark for improved professional standards in the industry.

As you will hear in this interview, John predicts that the industry will divide and there will be cut price agents and there will be property professionals.  The time to decide where you will be may come sooner than you think.

If you would like to know more about this national move to lift professional standards – go here.

4 thoughts on “Professional standards need to be lifted nationally – John Cunningham

  1. REI doesn’t know about professionalism. they have given in to Domain and
    turned their back on agents.

    1. Hi Andrew. This is a strong positive move from what could be a re-energised REI. In the past the state Institutes have operated autonomously but if they can successfully join together and operate as one unified body, it will make a difference. I support what John is doing and I hope he gets the support he needs.

  2. Tony Rachele says:

    Yes this has been a long time coming and I fully agree with all of John’s changes and that it should be only made a Professional Industry and if the person does not meet those standards then he can operate in the Sale or Property Management of Real Estate.

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