Why listing with a big brand is not always the best option- Kevin Turner

No matter the size, irrespective if the agency is part of a big brand or is a one person operation, real estate agencies need to do mostly the same thing:

  • List your property for sale
  • Get it in the agency window
  • Publish it on several websites
  • Produce some marketing
  • Do open homes
  • Follow up interested parties
  • Provide you with feedback
  • Generate an offer/contract
  • Negotiate the sale
  • Settle the property by working in conjunction with inspectors, banks and solicitors

Big or small – real estate agencies will do all that.   The big brand agencies are capable of doing it faster, bigger and better.   But that is not always the case!  

When you choose to sell with a smaller boutique agency, it is likely you will be dealing with the business owner and the service might be a bit more personal – maybe not as slick.   The brands normally supply their franchise offices with great reporting and marketing tools, excellent training and equip them to appear very professional, even from a standing start.    So be careful, because you might not be getting what you think you are getting when you go with a big brand.

The brand will most likely get one of their agents in your door because of the brand profile and marketing. That is why the big brands are so attractive to agents because agents live on listing leads that they can convert into listings.   Unless they have a relationship with a smaller local agent, most people will lean towards calling in a brand agency because of their profile.  So getting in your door is critical.   The agent with the listings will always have buyers. 

However, if it was as simple as working in a big brand agency, then why aren’t all agents in a big brand agency super successful?   It is because the brand and the tools the big brands supply are only as good as the agent using them.  

The number 1 thing you should consider when choosing an agent, is to choose from the best agents not the brand the agents work under.

Simply calling in 3 agents because the brand they work for is dominant in the area, and then making a decision based on how their presentation to you goes, is not the way to do it.   Deciding on which agents to call in comes long before you call any agents in.  There is one simple thing you should do and I will talk about that next time.  I will also give you the questions to ask BEFORE you appoint an agent.

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