VIDEO – We realised real estate ‘sucks’ – Andrew Coronis

From a father and son operation barely struggling to make ends meet over 30 years ago, The Coronis Group has grown into a property powerhouse with 20+ offices and over 300 people.

Group CEO Andrew Coronis sits down in this 20 minute video to talk about the journey, the lessons, the challenges and the future.

We also talk about building trust and how it can be so easily be destroyed.  Also Andrews interesting take on where technology is driving us.

He mentions the RESE Conference that will be held over 2 days.  Previously a closed door ‘Coronis only’ event that is now open to all real estate professionals.

One thought on “VIDEO – We realised real estate ‘sucks’ – Andrew Coronis

  1. Andrew love your comments on the digital and customers, totally agree, digital empowers performance and creates transparency, but people still want people, as an Industry, we need to look at a new Style of Partnership for customers.

    I also believe that training is the key to change in the industry.


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