VIDEO – We need to inspire more women – Karuna Dimelow

Karuna Dimelow started her career with Coronis Realty as the sales agent 15 years ago. She completed their ‘on the job training’ program and after working as an agent for some time moved up to become sales manager, then running her own office and is now the COO for the Coronis Group.

Karuna sits down in this 12 minute video to talk about the challenges that face women in real estate, her message to women of all ages about getting into the industry and the talents women possess, that men don’t, that potentially adds to their ability to succeed.

We also discuss her vision for the industry.

Karuna mentions the RESE Conference that will be held over 2 days.  It was previously a closed door ‘Coronis only’ event that is now open to all real estate professionals. See wat it is all about here.


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