Top Five Home features that buyers pay extra for

The little things that add BIG dollars

By David Cairns

It’s important to know what a potential buyer will be looking for when purchasing a home. There are obvious features about a property – the number of rooms, the location, its proximity to public transport and schools, etc. But what about the little things that people will pay extra for?

In a national survey of more than 1000 people, we asked what home buyers would shell out a little extra dough for.

5. An outdoor entertainment area.

A deck or a pergola is something highly valued. As Australians there can’t put too much value on having people over. Having a great outdoor space goes a long way to the quality of life, and this can be added to raise the value of your home. An outdoor barbecue will also make a great impression for potential buyers, plus it’s also pretty easy to install.

4. Solar panels.

Energy has become a topic of interest on a social and technological level. Over the past few decades, solar panels have dramatically decreased in cost, making them accessible to many families. If you live in a particularly sunny region in Australia, they can be a great investment. Their appeal starts with the financial incentive: residents can expect a sizable decrease in their energy bills, and may even make money if there’s demand on the grid. Don’t underestimate the appeal of a green home either.

3. A garden.

Don’t underestimate the humble garden in its appeal. Whether it be a place to exercise a green thumb or a place to laze around outside, or a large outdoor area, everyone loves an outdoor area of privacy. Pimp it up as much as possible.

2. Off-street parking

This one will largely be out of control, but having a designated parking area goes well in inner suburbs. Take note of permit zones and other local government requirements. Just like a garden, having this is an inherent bonus to a home: you either have it or you don’t.

  1. 1. Air conditioning

Who would have thought air-conditioning would trump other factors. But here in Australia, climate control goes a long way. It can pay dividends to residents on those hot summer days. Best part is, these can easily be installed for a great return.

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