The Future of Work

The Future of Work

Hasn’t this become a hot topic with many leaders working on what hybrid flexible workplace they will consider moving towards?

In a recent survey conducted by PWC, 45% of Australian workers say that changing attitudes to remote working and the benefits of this will transform the way we work over the next three to five years.

Now is the time to start work on defining what work looks like in your businesses.

There are three horizons that the PWC report mentions that are worth considering for our industry.

Horizon 1 – Return to the Office 

In Victoria, NSW, and to some extent the ACT, who have experienced extended lockdowns, employee sentiment may differ on the prospect of returning to the office. As we bring people back, we will need to experiment with what works for the business and the employee and be open to the test, learn and apply concepts. This new world we are moving towards will play a key factor in staff retention and attraction.

Horizon 2 – Work After the Vaccine 

Our workspaces will start to look different, how we use the real estate space, do we co-opt space with businesses, do we need large board rooms, do we move towards collaboration hubs…. many areas for consideration.

However, perhaps the most critical element is our people’s wellbeing. There are many resources available and one critical for our industry is the Real Care App. Developed by our industry and downloaded from the App Store. Every agent in our industry should have this app on their phone and understand how to use it. For more information or to download the app go to

Horizon 3 – Future Growth 

We will need to future-proof our businesses, and this will include the physical space taking into account air conditioning, spacing between employees, and zero-touch technology.

We need to digitize as many processes as we possibly can, reviewing, transitioning, and implementing new technologies on a regular basis.

Consider how we manage people, how our cultures, and the way we lead will change. The great news is that the entire globe is going through this process. So, there is a plethora of information on who is doing what, how they have implemented, and results for our industry to tap into.