The Delta Discourse

The Delta Discourse

This last month has seen an increase in the number of COVID cases in the states of NSW and VIC, riots, protests, police using force to control crowds, attacks on journalists, EARTHQUAKES, mandatory vaccinations for approved workers in Victoria, the resignation of the NSW Premier and two Grand Finals played in host states.

Our “next normal” – being let out of lockdown — is tied to vaccination rates and the race is on to reach 80%, however mandating the vaccine in certain sectors, refusing entry to unvaccinated people is causing angst amongst family and work colleagues.

Victoria has taken a hard stand on this which has left many in the business community facing letting go of employees who are not vaccinated. Personally, I cannot support a policy that ties in vaccination to the ability of someone to earn an income. If you are unsure about getting the vaccination or have concerns, I urge you to talk to your doctors, about what is published on the internet.

We are starting to get some clarity on what this next normal is going to look like for the locked-down states. I would hope that the goalposts don’t continue to move as we need to get the re-opening right because none of us can endure more of what we already have personally, as businesses, or as an economy.

We know that there are more challenges for us to face, and one of those will be this world of the vaccinated and unvaccinated we seem to be hurtling towards. What does it mean for our industry, our people, and our clients?

I would like to hear your thoughts in this month’s poll – will you be asking your employees to get vaccinated?

It seems that we now need to add a third item to the “no go “ conversations at the dinner table – religion, politics, and vaccinations.