Spring into Summer

Spring into Summer

The extended lockdowns in both NSW and VIC are taking their toll.

Despite the efforts from our industry leaders to support their people through these difficult times, agents and their teams are mentally exhausted, drained, and tired.

Now with talk of the spring market being pushed back to late spring / early summer to coincide with easing restrictions, there is a very real possibility that at that time, we’ll see a surge in both new stock and new buyers coming onto the market.

While we’re all looking forward to an uplift in activity, given the extended downtime we’ve all experienced, will your team be mentally and physically ready when a surge occurs?

The reality is exhausted people can’t be expected to function at a high level, so now is the time to start preparing your team to be a ‘game fit’.

Sadhana Smiles spoke to Mandy Wurth from River Realty in Maitland who is taking a proactive approach with her team. Mandy is running meditation sessions and has daily checked in’s with the team so she can stay connected to how everyone is feeling and offer additional support as needed.

The Real Care App is another great resource for agents. Developed by the real estate industry it offers free mental health and wellbeing support for anyone in the industry who needs it.

Encouraging your team to continue or start taking care of their physical fitness is another key element to preparing for a potential spring surge. Walking is one of the few ‘social’ activities we can engage in at the moment, so use that to introduce a ‘step challenge’ in your team. It’s a win-win in terms of exercise and healthy competition.

A push back of the spring market may mean agents will be taking less time off over Christmas to spend time with family, so planning local summer breaks to ensure they get special time with family when they can is so very important.

Hopefully, we’ll see the end of extended lockdowns soon and our lives will start to take on some semblance of normal. In the meantime though, focus on mental and physical wellbeing to ensure your team is ready to spring into action when the spring market starts to take off.