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Only Realty can deliver EVERY listing to your social media.

Realty is not just another portal – it is a massive distribution platform delivering property listings to engaged social audiences nationally.

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Why Realty?

Realty was built for the Australian real estate industry to enable better more cost-effective distribution of property listings.

❝People don’t go online anymore, they live online.❞

They spend 80 times more on social media sites than they do on traditional real estate portals, so it makes sense to present your properties to people where they are spending most of their time – on social media.

Realty and Social Media

The Realty team of tech experts have blended AI tech smarts with over 850+ Geo-mapped Facebook pages covering more than 10,000 suburbs to distribute listings.

Our vision has always been distributing listings rather than holding them on a website and waiting for people to find them.

Realty’s propriety technology ensures that as soon as you list on the platform your listing, rental, sold, or leased property will instantly publish to geosocial audiences in your target area.

Realty has been built for distribution to help you reach more potential buyers and sellers – especially passive buyers.

Not Just Another Portal

Don’t think of it as just another portal – it is a massive free distribution platform delivering property information to engaged audiences all over Australia.

Realty has had a two-year development period and now with its 850 geo-mapped Facebook pages we are delivering over 5,000 leads to agents every month and reaching more than 1.5M people on social media a month.

Realty was built by the founders with a goal of majority industry ownership and control so investment by the industry is returned to the industry and the technology developed through Realty Labs is owned by the industry.

Support the platform that supports the industry.

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