Working smarter not harder is rubbish

The very special guest on this week’s episode of Real Estate Renovators is The Professional Human, Andy Reid.

Andy is well known in real estate industry circles as an amazing coach and we’re very pleased that he agreed to share some of his (often quite blunt) insights with Chanell McAsey and our audience.

Find out why Andy believes:

  • ‘Working smarter not harder’ is rubbish
  • The whole game is about scale of human connection
  • There’s too much focus on transactions
  • Vulnerability is massively underrated

You also need to hear why he thinks a balance of EQ and IQ is the real key. As he explains, you need to have logic and reason, but you’re dealing with people who are all different.

Watch the Real Estate Renovators, Series 2, Episode 2, here now … and find out what Andy’s ‘Matrix moment’ was.

You can reach Andy via his socials below:

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