In an earlier blog we discussed the qualities of the best real estate trainer:

  1. experience
  2. knowledge about the industry
  3. a track record
  4. maturity
  5. courage to tell you the truth
  6. a caring attitude

Try asking some questions like:

  • Why should I appoint you as my trainer?
  • What can you teach me?
  • What would your plan for me look like?

Those 3 questions alone should give you a good indication about what the person offers you.  Listen carefully to the answers.  You are looking for someone who can think on their feet, has confidence in their own ability and will talk in terms of what they can do for you. inner-2

You don’t want to know about all the other agents they have helped – big deal – that is not going to help you.  References are important but just remember they will only give you references from people who will say good things about them.  Instead – try asking “Tell me about someone who was not successful because of engaging you?”   Why would you ask that?  Mainly because they are not expecting it.

It is also reasonable to expect that the trainer you are interviewing should know a bit about you.  Hopefully they will have done some research on you and know a little bit about your business.  If they have not bothered to do that and they can’t offer ‘tailored for you’ suggestions about lifting you to the next level based on what they know about your achievements to date, then the offering from them will be a ‘shelf offering’ that is a one size fits all approach – not good!

inner-3The third question above – “What would your plan for me look like?” – is a good one because you are looking for something specific, measurable and will stretch you.

The goal is your growth with no excuses and there should be some guarantee that if you do everything asked of you, the results as promised will be achieved.

Your trainer will be asking for unconditional faith from you so I don’t think it is too much to ask for an unconditional guarantee from the trainer.

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