VIDEO – The business of Property Management – Aaron Emery and Michelle Watt

Let’s get to know 2 more Property Management Leaders from the recent Property Management Leadership Summit Aaron Emery and Michelle Watt.

Aaron, the Director and Principal Licensee of AAE Property Services and also one of the presenters in the 2-day summit, was awarded as Master iiCC Consultant. The iiCC (ireviloution intelligence Certified Consultant) is a globally recognized Property Management business service management certification which is considered as the most advanced level qualification in the field of Property Management business transformation and systems support implementation, business analysis and strategy, team empowerment and business consulting.

Michelle Watt from Investarent, was given the Pinnacle Star Award – a prestigious award which is awarded each year to one individual who has demonstrated a commitment to excellence in every element of property management, courage to be a property management trail blazer and paradigm breaker.

In this video, you will learn:

  • The business of Property Management
  • The challenges involved in having your own business
  • What Aaron would do differently knowing what he knows now
  • Starting off undercapitalized
  • The challenges those in the industry are facing
  • How important it is to understand your WH
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