Finding the best trainer and deciding which real estate company has the best training depends on your experience level and the type of training that you need. Selling real estate is a difficult career that can be highly rewarding for the right person. Teaming up with a company and a trainer that offers top-notch training and invests in the success of its agents, vastly increases the chance of you succeeding.

Many people start in real estate because the pay looks so attractive but the pay distribution is broad. Top agents regularly earn in excess of $200,000 per year – some even in excess of $1M. On the other hand the lowest-paid agents work 40 hours per week, or more, to make under $20,000, effectively earning minimum wage or less if you break down their pay to an hourly rate.

For many new agents, the most difficult part of the job is not passing the test to get a license or certificate, learning about the regulations and paperwork necessary. The most challenging aspect of real estate sales is finding clients both sellers and buyers. Agents with broad social networks or expansive warm markets have an easier road, but the fact remains that anyone in real estate sales, regardless of skills or expertise, needs clients to make money.

Consequently, the best agent training programs focus on marketing and procuring business – especially listings.
Other characteristics to look for when considering where to work and/or engage a trainer include training on local market trends, an understanding of the latest technology tools for agents and access to that person if you run into problems in the field.

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