Powerful scripts and dialogue

Successful people leave clues.

You can learn so much from watching and learning how talented and successful people operate. Most times they don’t know how good they really are because what they do comes naturally.

That does not mean that their talent was born with them – it can learned – but then it needs to be internalised so it really not speaking and not just using someone else’s words …… something you do without having to think about it. It becomes a habit. Habits are formed through practice.

If you get the opportunity to pick up on the dialogue used by a top performer, grab it with both hands, learn it and then change it to suit your style. If you are comfortable with it as is and you understand it, then use it as is, but it is important that what you say is what you really feel and believe. This is where many people go wrong with scripts and dialogues.

We are not all the same. If you just try to mimic someone else without having a belief, it will come across as totally false and will do you more harm than good.

So as to get the most benefit from using the dialogue of someone else is that you will have to practice it over and over again until it comes as second nature. It needs to be part of the conversation not some clever phases that you have learned to string together.

Scripts and dialogues should be investigated because anything that provides you with a faster path to success is worth it.

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