‘On-Glass’ Methodology

Get used to it – transactions have gone more online than we ever thought possible.  Bresic Whitney new CEO, Thomas McGlynn, describes what the new leadership landscape looks like after COVID as we go ‘on-glass’.

In this 15 min catch-up, Thomas and Sadhana explore a range of topics including the move to ‘empower and support’ leadership, heightened attention to team wellness, new ways to connect, and how leaders are transitioning from one on one to one on many communication.

Thomas also tells Sadhana how, as an auctioneer, he has seen agents in the Sydney market master how to showcase themselves in an online environment when pre-auction sales are increasing.

Property Management has experienced its hardest 2 years in history.   Thomas and Sadhana reflect on the sobering fact that almost a quarter of all property managers are looking at leaving the industry. Hear Thomas talk about the need to offer a pathway to something different as a solution.

In closing, hear the 3 podcasts that Thomas listens to religiously.

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