New real estate agent training.

I vividly remember my first month in real estate.  Bloody frightening!

Like most people, I was enrolled in a training course to teach me everything there was to know about being a successful real estate agent.  The course went for 5 days would you believe!  In just 5 days all my questions would be answered.  I would walk out a superstar.

Instead, I walked out with two massive leaver arch files full of ‘stuff’.  Some of it was great but, as I was to discover several years later, that was about 5% of the ‘stuff’ in the files.  The rest was just a bunch of ‘good ideas’ assembled into a 5 day course.

It was great for the trainer and made the Franchisor look good, but did little to teach me how to be a successful real estate agent.

There is a point and I will get to it soon, but first I want to tell you what I really gleaned from those 5 days – apart from a massive headache at the end of every day.

Several years later, when I was given the opportunity to become the trainer of this ‘kickstart’ program, the first thing we did was cull the ‘stuff’.  We sat down and pulled out all the fluff so we could spend more time on the skills that would help agents, prospect, list, negotiate and build relationships.   The important ‘stuff’.

We got rid of all the ‘good ideas’ that had been added to the course over the years which, when they were boiled down, added little to the agents skill set.

Here is the lesson.   There is no 5 day course that will teach you how to be successful in real estate.  There are some very successful agents but none of them were overnight successes.   They did it the hard way and it takes time.

There are no shortcuts.  Learn the basics and then practice them EVERY day!

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