Do you need a real estate coach?  Everyone needs a coach – some more than others but that is not the question you need to ask.

Will you benefit from having a coach?  I will answer that later.

I wrote in an earlier post about how to choose a coach and once you have decided on your coach you will need to develop a plan and dedicate yourself to its implementation. That is how to succeed in real estate.

Here are the rules to getting the most out of your coach:

  1. Don’t blindly follow the instructions you are given. This is a partnership and as such you need to trust each other but that does not mean you can’t challenge your coach. If you don’t understand why you are doing something – ask – because that is how you will develop commitment and belief in what you are doing.
  2. Measure your progress. Ask your coach to set out, as part of the plan, the expectations for growth firstly on a monthly basis, then quarterly and annually. You can’t improve something that is not measured.Real Estate Coach
  3. Share your journey. Tell your life partner what you are doing because there will be a change in you, your habits and your confidence. That person on the journey with you. The support will help enormously.
  4. Celebrate every win and every milestone reached. That will keep you motivated and will allow you time to take a break, refresh and refocus on your goals.

The most productive real estate professionals I work with understand that it is not the numbers of hours worked but what you put into the hours you do work.

Don’t be off work at work!

Do these things and you will get the most out of having a best coach. All the best.

  • Vince Condina
    Posted at 09:05h, 03 November Reply

    I have been in real estate for more than years I started as a business broker and continuing to do so as the economy in SA has slowed down I have been trying to diversify and moving to the residential market as well maintain the business sector I have been very successfully in the sale but I’m struggling to find new listings where could get some help and advise the company that I’m working with are more the commercial sale and leasing with very few residential property on their books
    I will appreciated any advise
    Thank you

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