Miss the first week and you miss the market

It is that simple.  You need to be ready when you list a property because the first 7 days are critical.

A simple piece of research done in New Zealand revealed that a quarter of all viewings on a property take place in those first 7 days.

The reason for this is not difficult to appreciate, active buyers are already subscribed to receive email alerts of new listings with email alerts from the portals or from agents directly.

This buyer behaviour is critically important for agents and sellers to understand fully as it needs to drive a set of key actions:

  1. Getting all the photos and videos ready and uploaded before a property is listed. Listings with videos will always attract more interest.
  2. Ensuring the listing is well presented in an emotionally appealing description that provides loads of facts about the property and the local area. Your headline should lead to the opening paragraph.
  3. A clear indication as to the price expectation of the property – buyers are eager to understand if the property is affordable and within their budget.
  4. The hero photo should always be chosen with care as it is the one that has to do the major lifting. Make it count!

Get these four essentials right and you are ensuring that your property has the greatest chance of grabbing the attention of buyers. Get it wrong or decide to change some details after a week and you could already have missed the boat.  This is especially true when it comes to price. A reduction in price of a property posted in the 2nd or 3rd week to reflect a weaker market is less impactful than getting the price right at the outset before someone rejects the property in their mind.

Guidance for this blog came from an article originally published here.

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