Learn to swim upstream

I am constantly amazed at how many real estate agents are content to watch what others do – and do the same even though they don’t achieve great results.

Others will see what successful people do and draw judgement.  Say things like – ‘that won’t work here’ or ‘I tried that and it didn’t work’.

You know the thing I have noticed is that good performers are prepared to swim against the tide.  Let me explain…

Most agents thrash around in the same pool trying to earn a living.   Some succeed while others get tired of all the thrashing.   Some go with the flow – do what others are doing and expect a better result – crazy – while the clever ones, put their head up and look for better water.

They head up stream.

As they do, they notice they:

  • Get stronger
  • Have less competition
  • The air is clearer
  • There is less competition for the same food.

We all fish in the same pond – just that some use fresher bait!

A pond ‘upstream’ is a great place to be but it requires effort and breaking away from the pack.

Here is something else you should remember:

Like in the dictionary – in business – “effort” comes before “success”.

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