Is Social Media important in real estate?

The first thing to understand about social media is that it is meant to be ‘social’.  That is how it got its name.

Many agents think it is a platform to push their latest listings or brag about their latest sale.  That is the lazy approach to social media and while it might be good for your ego it means nothing to those with whom you are trying make a connection.

That would be like going to a bar b cue and saying out loud “Let me tell you about my latest listing” or “I just sold a house – how good am I?”   You would stop getting invitations real quick.

That is what you are doing on social media but it’s worse, because a lot of the people on social media you don’t even know.  This is push marketing.  Pull marketing is what it is all about now.  The difference is that you are pushing something at someone without even knowing if they will be interested.  Pull marketing is where you pull people to you by first finding out what interests them and then engaging with them to build a relationship.

Social Media, correctly used, is a great way to tell people what you are all about.  They get to know you as a person and appreciate your qualities before they meet you in some cases and before they decide to work with you professionally.

Sure – they need to know you are successful and so the occasional new listing and/or sale is OK but it should not be all you do on social media.

Here are some tips:

  1. Set up a business Facebook page, do not use your personal page.  Having said that, always be wary that what you post on a personal page will also talk about you, your personality and your standards.

  2. Avoid politics and controversial comment about news.  That is not your role in this environment.

  3. Write about what is happening in your patch.  Think of it as your own local newspaper without the controversy.

  4. Use images and video to communicate.  Create your own and that way you will avoid any copyright issues.

  5. Show how you care about the people you work with – how you give welcome packs, the information you provide to buyers and sellers etc.

  6. Use contests and ask questions to get people engaged in your social media.

  7. Make it a communication channel – not just one way from you but get people to talk to you and ask you questions.

  8. Use the 80/20 rule – post 80% of your content about lifestyle and 20% about you and your product.

Now – keep it simple and get social!     

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